International Job Applications - Skype Interviews

The world is our oyster, so if you are looking for an employment opportunities abroad, the most convenient way to interview is via SKYPE on the internet. Not all international recruiters will travel to South African to conduct face-to-face interviews, so your Skype interview may be your only opportunity to sell yourself and your skills set to them. It is important to prepare for your first interview with an international recruiter. Here are few tips you might find useful to make sure your potential employer will be impressed.

  • Check your internet connection
  • It is very important that the audio and video on Skype will be working when your potential employer calls you. All checks should be done prior to the interview. Sign in earlier and have a chat with your recruitment agent or a friend to make sure that they can see and hear you clearly.

  • Look and Dress like you mean it
  • Dress code during the Skype interview is as important as a traditional interview, so ensure that you make the effort to dress and look the part. Take the same level of care with your personal appearance as you would in attending a face-to-face interview, especially when applying for front of house positions in hospitality and retail.

  • Be aware of what is around you
  • The camera is not only showing your face but also everything else that is in your interviewing room. Make sure that it looks neat and tidy and that no external noise is disturbing your conversation. Interviewing in a location where a lot of people are distracting you, such as an internet cafĂ© is not a great idea but sometimes cannot be avoided. Do all you can to find a quiet place with good light. You can control your surroundings and you have time to prepare the location, so make the most of it.

  • Practice makes perfect
  • If you are not a Skype expert, practice with your recruitment agent or friends. Make sure you are looking into the camera on your device and are not distracted. Smile and sit up straight to make a positive impression. Speak clearly and with confidence.

  • Pick the right device
  • Make sure you are sitting down and your device is still. The best is to have the interview done through a laptop or a tablet which will enable you to sit comfortably and make notes when required. Keep a paper and pen handy!