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Our hospitality recruitment agents have the experience
of working in the industry for many years, backed up
by the relevant qualifications and skills to match
the perfect candidate to the vacancy

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Our dedicated retail recruiters have over 40 years’
experience in Recruitment, Retail and Shopping Centre
Management and Marketing to provide our clients
with professional and knowledgeable services
in filling their vacancies efficiently

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We recruit spa jobs and beauty jobs
for a wide variety of clients in the health, spa, beauty
and cosmetics industries both internationally
and within South Africa.

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Jobs Africa Group
has been successfully recruiting chefs
for a wide variety of chef recruiters since 2008

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We are South African based lodge
recruitment agency, specializing in all lodge job placements
throughout South Africa and African countries

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Introducing Jobs Africa Group

We specialize specifically in hospitality and retail jobs, chef vacancies and lodge placements throughout Africa

Who are We?

Jobs Africa Group is a leading hospitality and retail recruitment agency service across South Africa, Africa and the Middle East. We specialize specifically in hospitality and retail jobs, chef vacancies and lodge placements throughout Africa.

Jobs in Africa

With the UK withdrawing working holiday visas for South African job seekers, it is important to know that there are still many overseas and international job opportunities for hospitality, hotel and retail qualified candidates.

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Jobs in the Middle East

If you decide to pursue your career in the Middle East, it is important that you have all information prior to leaving your country. It is advisable to use local hospitality recruitment agency that works regularly with Middle Eastern clients.

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Successful Interview Skills

Conducting proper preparation is essential for getting ready for an forthcoming job interview and an important element of this preparation is preparing answers to commonly asked interview questions.

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How to present your CV

In order to get your dream job you will need to ensure that you have an accurate, current and professionally presented CV. Here is a useful checklist of ten tips to enable you to keep your curriculum vitae looking it’s best.

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International Job Applications

Not all international recruiters will travel to South African to conduct face-to-face interviews, so your Skype interview may be your only opportunity to sell yourself and your skills set to them.

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Recruitment Divisions

Information about our five job industries - Hospitality, Retail, Chef, Lodge and Spa.

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