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Jobs Africa Group is a specialised retail recruitment agency that offers our clients a full circle recruitment service and our job seekers a variety of retail vacancies within South Africa. We assist in filling both store level vacancies and a retail head office positions.

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Our dedicated retail recruiters have over 40 years’ experience in Recruitment, Retail and Shopping Centre Management and Marketing to provide our clients with professional and knowledgeable services in filling their vacancies efficiently.

Jobs Africa Group Retail Vacancies

Jobs Africa Group's Retail Jobs's devision recruits for a wide variety of retail head office vacancies which includes marketing and HR managers, public relations officers, graphic designers, area managers, retail operations managers, merchandise planning and visual merchandisers and bookkeppers.
We also have a wide variety of store level vacancies which includes assistant and store managers, make-up artists, sales assistants and administrators as well as visual merchandisers.

Jobs Africa Group Retail Recruitment Services

We offer a full retail recruitment service which includes many benefits such as vacancies ad upload to our portals, headhunting, candidates screening and shortlisting as well as credit, criminal and reference checks. We provide further assistance by helping job seekers with interview arrangements, salary package negotiations, visa applications and travel arrangements which includes international flights.

By using Jobs Africa Group, clients are able to focus on other operations while we are searching for the best employees; and retail job seekers might stay assured that we will match them with the most suitable positions and prepare for interviews.

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